Inevitably, the day comes to assess whether our aging loved ones need more than they have in their family home environment. Many seniors are resistant to nursing homes, stating that they “don’t want to be in an old folks home,” but often, a little education about the options available today, in addition to touring the facilities, can help families and their senior loved ones choose the best option for their unique situations. Nursing homes are a great step for seniors who need more socialization and help with daily needs than the family can provide at home. Here are a few compelling reasons to consider nursing homes to better the health and quality of life of your loved one:

Chef-Prepared, Nutritious Meals

Nursing homes often offer chef-prepared meals catered for maximizing nutrition. Residents are served three or more meals a day tailored to their health needs.

Help With Daily Living

Family caregivers are also generally responsible for helping with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing and eating when a senior loved one lives at home. In other cases, the family or the senior themselves must bear the cost of a home care nurse. Both of these options can cause strain on the family. Nursing homes take away this strain so the relationship can remain healthy between the caregiver and their loved one.

No Stress of Housekeeping and Transportation

Keeping up with appointments, daily chores and housekeeping are often stressful for not only seniors but also their family. The vast majority of these burdens are relieved in nursing homes as they offer housekeeping and transportation services.

Physical Activity and Fitness

Many nursing homes offer exercise classes, gym equipment and even physiotherapists to help with elder fitness and physical therapy.

Safe Living Environment

Often, home modifications and in-home care are required for a safe living environment in the family home, which can be very costly. Old folks homes are designed for accessibility and mobility while also offering expert care and medical attention if needed.